[My UK Path] Episode 6: What is it like to be a Chevening scholar?

1. Your mother’s maiden name is no secret to your Chevening fellows because theirs “happen” to be identical to yours.
2. You realise that the name “Chevening” is actually pronounced /ˈtʃiːv(ə)nɪŋ/ (Chee-V-Ning), like you match the “ch” in “chat” with “evening”.
3. The happy day of a month is the 21st.
4. You enjoy the little Chevening things: a Chevening USB stick, a Chevening Oyster card holder, or even a Chevening power bank.
5. You love taking photos of yourself holding a blue tube made of aluminum alloy.
6. Sometimes, networking with other Chevening scholars is being recognised in a supermarket thanks to your canvas shopping bag.
7. Either spending your time studying, traveling, or taking voluntary work, you just do not want to waste any second. Your name is marked. You can neither extend nor switch your visa. Thus, your time is short.
8. Still sometimes what you really do is just lying in the sun.
9. Your Chevening friends are one of their kinds. The daydreaming master statistician. The goodwill ambassador. The absent-minded sympathiser. The cheerfully loving sister. The traditionally conservative grace. The admirable one. Just to name a few. They are diversely lovely.
Extra: [Personal bit] Your pair of English handmade Oxfords are just like new because you have so few chances to sport them. “They are so glossy that a fly would probably slip upon trying to land on them”



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